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Challenging the existing world records needs to be done according to the international rules developed by the Paper Aircraft Association (PAA). Assuring world wide comparability of the results requires following these international rules.

INTRODUCTION - The Paper Aircraft Association was officially founded on the 29th March 1989 by Andy Chipling after a long interest in all kinds of aviation and encouraged by the large response to a competition that was held in 1988 in the Department of Civil Engineering, Hydraulics Laboratory at Imperial College London. Grateful and posthumous thanks go to the late
John Audsley (1929-1996), without whose great spirit and character the PAA would not have been conceived.
If you are into Paper Aircraft, Paper Aeroplanes, Paper Airplanes, airplanes, Paper Darts, Paper Planes, whatever we all like to call them, the "Paper Aircraft Association" is the site to click on for World Record rules and top Paper aircraft links.



























































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 HOW - By joining together through suitable means other like-minded bodies, and by encouraging the young and old to work together in one of the simplest and fastest gratifying form of aerospace technology: "paper aircraft".  Unfortunately the idea that paper aircraft are simple to build
is often proven wrong (especially when you’re trying to achieve a world record), however the premise is a good starting place.

There have been many books written about the Wright brothers, so we can all see the type of aircraft they flew, how long it flew for, and how high it went.  All the information that we would like to have is there for us to read. However the same cannot be said for paper aircraft.
We can only wonder at what the first ever paper aircraft looked like, and who made it. Even more of a mystery is how long ago was it made and how far advanced was it for its time?

The Chinese stand the best chance of being the first inventors of the paper aircraft, but what we do not know is when. They were the first to use paper and were major kite builders and flyers many hundreds of years ago.

One factor that puts the Chinese as hot favourites is that a large number of kites have the same basic shape as paper aircraft. Paper Aircraft will actually fly like kites if rigged in the correct way; all you need is a little sewing cotton, some tape and a long paper tail.

The earliest historical fact I have discovered, was in a wonderful old book called "The Great International Paper Airplane Book" which referred to a "Capt. Fear God Bascomb", who is reputed to have brought the first known pad of lined 8˝" x 11" paper all the way from China on 1st May 1743.
One thought on that fascinating fact - there must have been paper coming out of China before 1743 not made up as a pad, but simply as loose sheets
(the pure building material that we require).

"What did the first ever paper aircraft look like?"

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Let’s all enjoy our Paper Aircraft

Andy has written a book called "Flying Paper Airplanes".  You can order this book from "Barnes & Noble" web site. (see the link above)
In this book all the designs have been tried and tested, and I have placed them in their order of folding difficulty.
This should help to make your enjoyment of folding paper aircraft progressive and fun. In addition there are specially included instructions for the two World Record holders’ designs for time aloft indoors both aircraft stayed up for an incredible 20.9 Seconds.  By the time you have worked your way through all 16 designs in the book, you should be pretty good at building a wide range of paper aircraft that will amaze all your friends.
Go on, get the book for yourself. You can always share it with a friend; that is one of the fun things about books.

Photograph by Jeff Morris - Daily Mail


Record Guidelines
Andy Chipling has been working closely with the "Guinness Book of Records" to produce the following rules for the worlds top Paper Aircraft Record holders to use: -

DURATION Current record: 27.6 seconds.
 Click "Live Link" Here  - Ken Blackburn USA

DISTANCE Current record: 193 feet/58.83 meters.

LARGEST WINGSPAN Current record: 40 feet 6 inches.


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